Theology Together: A Social Justice Conversation for Youth


The journey we’re inviting you on today is one of  reading, thinking, pondering, and discussing a  theological text together with others. It doesn’t matter how much of the Bible you know (or don’t know). It doesn’t matter how much about God you know (or think you know). You don’t need any special knowledge, or any special skills. Rather, your job is to listen and observe and think. You should wonder aloud,  ask questions,  point out the things that you don’t understand,  and notice the parts that make sense to you. If you do this together for one another, you will find a bolder, more real, and vivid understanding of the Mysterious God who calls us to be God’s own people. Our theology reading will come from Dr. King’s  Letter from Birmingham jail.”

This tool was written by former Theology Together Director, Dwight Johnson.


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