Theology Together

Every Teenager is a Theologian

Theology Together is a different way to do and experience youth ministry.

We disrupt youth ministry culture by positioning all teenagers as theologians and empower and trust them to do theology together with the adults in the room.

Curriculum that is Different

Tired of having to tidy up and rework curriculum to fit the needs and DNA of your church? Ours is different. Instead of prescriptive, ready-made answers, Holy Disruptions embeds rhythms of theological reflection within youth ministries. It engages students in personal dialogue and theological reflection that centers around their real-life experiences and empowers them to participate in God’s action in the world.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with denominations, churches, and other organizations by providing customized curricula utilizing the Theology Together framework to facilitate robust theological explorations.

Faith Starts in the Home

Faith Forming Families is a Lilly Grant initiative that creates ministry resources built around the fact that the family is the most important foundation for a young person’s faith. F3 resources empower parents, through CYMT’s Holy Disruptions methodology, to feel equipped, empowered and enabled to be the primary spiritual influencers in their child’s lives.

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