Partner Ministry Residency Questions

Nothing.  The difference is whether the partner ministry already has a staff person who signed up for the Ministry Residency program or whether CYMT, through our Ministry Staffing Services, helps the church hire someone.  

Partner Ministry & Ministry Staffing Services: Partner ministries that need a children’s minister, youth minister, family minister, campus minister, or other staff person will go through CYMT’s extensive search and matching process. Once you have hired your new staff member, They participate in our Graduate or Certificate Residency program.

Partner Ministry & Professional Education Resident: Partner ministries with a staff member wanting to participate in the residency program will partner with CYMT through our Professional Education track, allowing your staff member to receive the same education, training, and resources.

If you need help identifying your next leader, we will develop a Ministry Staffing Services contract first.  Once you have hired your new staff member, or if you already have one, the annual Graduate or Certificate program fees apply.  

  • Ministry Staffing Services = Sliding scale (max $8000 total) to help you search, find, and hire the right leader while providing coaching support to your volunteer team.
  • Graduate Program = $12,000 a year Residency Fee covers tuition, fees, books, and room & board on intensives.  It does not include travel to/from intensives.
  • Certificate Program = $5,000 a year Residency Fee that includes books and room & board at in-person gatherings.  It does not include travel to/from in-person class gatherings.
  • CYMT provides ministry partners with demonstrated need grants up to 33% of the annual residency cost.

  1. A willingness to allow your Resident to participate in all program educational, training, and coaching components
  2. Partner Ministry’s location must allow CYMT Resident to travel to Austin, TX or Nashville, TN for MAYM Intensives 3-4 times each semester.

CYMT partners with congregations and ministries representing the theological views and diversity of mainline Protestant Christianity. We have partnered with mainline Protestant denominations including the United Methodist Church, Global Methodist Church, Presbyterian (PCUSA & PCA), Cumberland Presbyterian, Lutheran (ECLA), Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Our partner seminary is Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  We gladly will discuss theological fit with other denominations or non-denominational churches or ministries.

Ministry Residency Questions

You will pay a $50 application fee when you apply. You are responsible for a one-time $250 residency fee due before CYMT will assist you in finding the right ministry job for you.

After we help you find a job, we help you create a salary package that includes a service agreement to pay for the Ministry Residency Fee.

  • Graduate Program = $12,000 a year Residency Fee covers tuition, fees, books, and room & board on intensives.  It does not include travel to/from intensives.
  • Certificate Program = $5,000 a year Residency Fee that includes books and room & board at in-person gatherings.  It does not include travel to/from in-person class gatherings.
  • CYMT provides residents and ministry partners with demonstrated need grants up to 33% of the annual residency cost.

We will get to know you, your personality, and your theological beliefs throughout the interview process.  CYMT will help you develop a strong resume and cover letter.  You will apply for the jobs you are interested in.  We will help you prepare for interviews and advocate for you with our partner ministries. At the same time, our team is working to get to know our partner ministries, their beliefs, and desires for their position.  We work hard to match Partner Ministries and Graduate Residents based on personality, theological fit, and giftedness.  But ultimately, the match is determined by you and the ministry.

CYMT will help you negotiate your salary and benefits with the church or ministry that hires you. CYMT will help you create a salary package with a service agreement to pay for the Ministry Residency Fee.  Salaries vary depending on job, location, and whether the position is full or part-time.

You can start work as soon as the church hires you.  You will start the Graduate or Certificate program courses at the beginning of the next semester.  CYMT will begin coaching you as soon as you start your job.

Absolutely.  Join the Graduate Residency or Ministry Leadership Certificate program and receive the same benefits while staying at your current ministry.

Graduate Program:

  • Austin Seminary provides you with a scholarship for enrolling in CYMT’s Graduate Residency program that reduces your tuition.
  • Contact Austin Seminary for additional financial aid if needed.
  • If you are pursuing ordination, you may be eligible for additional scholarships through your denomination or local church.  They might pay your tuition, which would reduce your residency fees.

Certificate Program:

  • Typically, your church pays your Residency Fees.
  • Please contact the admissions team if you are personally paying and need additional financial assistance. 

CYMT Grants:

  • CYMT provides residents and ministry partners with demonstrated need grants up to 33% of the annual residency cost.

Please let the CYMT Admission Team know if you need financial assistance. Please also inform us if you will receive additional scholarships from others so that we can make appropriate arrangements with APTS.

Each Graduate Resident must sign a service agreement that outlines the conditions for receiving the full scholarship and the consequences for leaving the program early. Residents leaving the program early will be responsible for reimbursing CYMT for academic expenses paid on their behalf.  You will sign a Service Agreement or Academic Agreement upon entering the program.

Job Placement Track – CYMT Service Agreement

Professional Education Track – Academic Agreement

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, California, Colorado, Mississippi, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Iowa, Washington, Kansas, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Northern Ireland

Denominations our residents have come from include Baptist, Church of God, Cumberland Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, Lutheran, Nazarene, Non-Denominational, Presbyterian (USA), Global Methodist, and United Methodist.

The denominations of churches that have partnered with CYMT thus far are Cumberland Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ (DOC), Lutheran (ELCA), Presbyterian (USA), Baptist, Episcopal, Global Methodist, and United Methodist.

Graduate Residency Academic Questions

During the three years of your graduate residency, you will earn the credits necessary to obtain a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (MAYM).  Visit the Graduate Residency page for MAYM degree requirements.


Yes.  Residents can continue their graduate studies after the 3-year residency program to complete a Master of Divinity (MDIV) degree.

At APTS: All 44 hours (88 APTS credits) of the MAYM program apply directly to the MDIV program at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. If you take 9-12 hours per semester, you can complete the MDIV program at APTS in 4 semesters or two years following the MAYM degree.  Residents completing their MDIV at APTS will earn dual degrees: MAYM and MDIV.  If you want more information about the MDIV program, contact our Admissions Team.

At another seminary: At the end of the program, you could apply to another seminary’s MDIV program. You should talk with their admissions office about how many of your credits (44) will apply toward their M.Div.

CYMT alumni have earned Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Memphis Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary.

  • As a CYMT graduate resident, you are enrolled as a full-time Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree student through Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  You can view the requirements for this degree and course descriptions here.  Intensives will take place on the Austin Seminary main campus or at their Nashville extension.  Intensives take place 3-4 times a semester.  The rest of your coursework is completed online except for discussion groups. See below for information on Intensives and discussion groups.

All students attend Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary through our hybrid educational model, regardless of where they live. Through this model, residents are not confined to a classroom daily like traditional seminary but instead attend Intensives. Intensives are 3 or 5-day gatherings where residents attend classes with their professors and peers.  Each required core or youth ministry course combines two 3-day and one 5-day intensives.  Elective courses take place on one 3-day intensive with coursework before and after the intensive.  5 Day Intensives take place on Austin Seminary’s campus.  Residents attend 3-Day Intensives at Austin Seminary’s campus and APTS’ Nashville extension. A few times per year, residents will travel to attend Intensives at the same location.

Discussion groups are an extension of the classroom and allow Graduate Residents to discuss topics from class with their cohort.  Discussion groups happen on the weeks between Intensives.

Discussion groups are located regionally based on the location of our residents each year. We also have discussion groups that meet via video conferencing.


Most mainline denominations require a Master of Divinity (MDIV) for ordination.  Several CYMT alumni have continued to get an MDIV and are ordained in the PCUSA, UMC, ELCA, and Episcopal denominations.

The MAYM meets the ordination requirements as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Because learning to do ministry cannot be learned solely in the classroom.  CYMT’s combination of on-the-job training, coaching, and theological education equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to be effective youth, family, children, or campus ministers for the long haul.  When you graduate, you will have a degree and 3-years of professional experience as you seek to live into your call.

Most seminaries provide no youth ministry-specific classes or professional training. CYMT’s partnership with Austin Seminary is the country’s most extensive graduate program in youth ministry.  Not only will you experience youth ministry-specific education, but you will also be a part of a community of individuals who share a similar call and passion for young people.

CYMT expects applicants to exhibit the capacity to do masters level theological education; therefore, we require a 2.8 undergraduate GPA.  Anyone applying with less than a 3.0 GPA will be expected to submit an explanation for how they intend to succeed at the Masters level.

From the middle of May through August 1, no coursework is associated with the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry. There is a winter break from coursework from mid-December until the first week of January.  You could choose to take a summer elective.

The graduate residency program is three years.

Yes. You will be a full-time student at Austin Seminary so you can defer your student loan payments. You can contact your lender or go online to get the papers to request the deferment. They mail deferment papers the first week after the start of the semester to the seminary.

Where does CYMT work?

The CYMT family, including residents, alumni, and partner ministries, is constantly growing. Our reach currently spans across the country, covering over 24 states. Graduate Residency courses are offered at Austin Seminary’s main campus and Nashville MAYM extension. Certificate program gatherings typically take place in Kansas City.


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