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About CYMT

Today’s teens need leaders and spiritual tools that help them in authentic faith-formation.

Churches and local ministries are not meeting the spiritual needs of today’s teens. Whether it be from lack of understanding, education, & resources, or from unhealthy and dated forms of engagement – teens are left to navigate a challenging world where they feel lost and unheard, or without faith at all.

We simply cannot engage with youth without practical, theological, innovative tools and training. Communities without equipped leaders risk leaving youth without relevant faith spaces to grow and mature in their faith.

Leaders themselves risk burning out quickly in their faith calling because of a lack of training, coaching, and guidance.

And entire communities risk the future generation not having the emotional and spiritual support they need for navigating the world around them.

At CYMT, we equip leaders to minister, innovate, and engage with youth so that they may experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ leading to identity and purpose.

For ministries + new and experienced youth ministers

Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry –
Practical and Theological Training for Youth Ministers

For ministries and community leaders

Innovation Laboratory –
Changing How Faith
Communities Develop Ministry

For teens, parents, and youth leaders

Theology Together –
Disrupting Youth Ministry Culture


Partner Ministry
Helping ministries—whether church, camp, or nonprofit—effectively fill the need for a trained youth leader.
Graduate Residency
Equipping youth ministers with the tools needed for a thriving youth ministry through our 3-year program.
Our Alumni, representing over 24 states, are impacting the lives of young people across the country.
Graduate Residents Graduate Resident Alumni Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary & Nashville Extension Site
partner ministries
youth impacted


"While my overall "ethos" of ministry has not changed, I now have better words and research to describe what I want to accomplish and I am better able to articulate a vision of what is possible."
Toby Chastain, CYMT Alumnus 2014
"I’m not sure I can articulate all the ways in which CYMT has positively impacted my ministry. CYMT has helped me learn organizational skills, which is often overlooked in youth ministry. The biggest impact CYMT has made is that it has given me a deeper theological perspective to youth ministry. There is purpose and theology to every aspect of youth ministry."
Skyler Jones, CYMT Alumnus 2015
"CYMT provides a safe community that offers a empathetic voice that says, “me too.” In the same way that we strive to surround our students to know and experience that they are not alone, CYMT reminds us that we are not alone in our jobs as youth ministers."
Anna Wheeler, CYMT Alumna 2015
"CYMT affirmed my call to ministry, taught me what theologically grounded GOOD ministry looked like, and supported me through challenging years."
Rev. Carlisle Jones, class of 2015
"CYMT has allowed me to learn from diverse individuals in diverse communities. This learning has changed how I understand God’s world and how I minister to students."
Philip Galyon, class of 2015

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