Thank You for Posting

Thank you for posting a job listing!

We will review your post and make it live soon. We will also include a link to your post in our alumni newsletter this month. May God guide your search. Here are some reminders about how to conduct a good search:

  • Other places to post your job listing:
  • Make a list of characteristics you are looking for in your candidates that way you will be able to sort through resumes and will know him/her when they interview because they will match your criteria
  • Develop a good job description and interest piece on the church. You will save your team and others time if you share with potential candidates your theological leanings (progressive, evangelical, moderate)
  • Contact good youth ministers and ask them who they know
  • Talk to college chaplains and campus ministries
  • Talk to large churches who have interns
  • Contact seminaries
  • Talk with other churches who have completed searches. They may have had multiple strong candidates
  • Talk to colleges, campus ministries and large churches who have interns

Keep in mind that the best youth ministers are not looking for jobs.  They already have one!

After you have a list of potential people, contact them and invite them to apply. Your team should be a prompter of the Holy Spirit to see if they would be willing to join your team.  May God guide your search!