The following courses will be offered by Memphis Theological Seminary for all CYMT graduate residents enrolled in the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree program during the fall semester of the 2013-2014 school year. Please note the dates and times of these courses; they are offered in retreat-based format on the campus of Memphis Theological Seminary.
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FALL 2013

CH10000 – Introduction to Church History
Instructor: David King (Ph.D. Emory)
This course provides an introduction to the principal issues in the study of church history and a survey of church history from apostolic times to the present. (Prerequisites: None. Meetings: On retreat, Aug. 6-9, Sept. 19-21, Nov. 7-9 and in discussion groups.)
YM02352: Theological Foundations for Youth Ministry
Instructor: Andrew Zirschky (M.Div. Princeton)
This course introduces students to youth ministry as a practical theological discipline and guides them toward developing and articulating their own theological rationale for the practice of youth ministry. With a shared understanding that theological commitments give shape to ministry, we will examine various theological starting points for conceiving and practicing youth ministry. (Prerequisites: None. Meetings: On retreat, Aug. 6-9, Sept. 19-21, Nov. 7-9 and in discussion groups.)
YM03462: Youth Ministry Practicum 1
Instructor: Dietrich Kirk (MAR Memphis Theological)
Students will gain in-the-trenches youth ministry experience by serving in a local church as a part of their practicum experience. The program is designed for all students to work full- or part-time as a youth minister during their education allowing them to put all the pieces together—everything they learn from peers in their cohort, the professors in the classroom, and from their coach. (This course is required by all first-year graduate residents. Prerequisites: None. Meetings: On retreat, Aug. 6-9, Sept. 19-21, Nov. 7-9.)
FM10108 / 20108 / 30108 – Formation for Ministry
Instructor: Various/MTS Staff
Spiritual formation for ministry and the integration of theological education with family life, church, and the larger community are essential for development as Christian servant leaders. Students are required to be enrolled in Formation for Ministry during all six (6) of their residency semesters in the program. This course will ground participants in covenants of accountability that lead to lifelong theological learning, holy friendships and a set of practices that will sustain pastoral excellence throughout their lives. Participants will explore major themes of Christian life and leadership, including: Being and Becoming a Beloved Child of God, God’s Dream for the World, Wholeness and Health, Building Relationships and Learning to Live in Solidarity With Those Made Poor and/or Marginal in Society, Keeping the Sabbath, Power, Money, Building the Beloved Community, Call, and Discipleship Over the Long Haul.
YM02765: Contemporary Issues in Youth Ministry – Faith Formation & Youth Discipleship
Instructor: Carmichael Crutchfield (Ph.D. Garrett Evangelical)
This course is designed to study Christian faith formation, practice discipleship making, and to develop a theology of faith formation that can be articulated to youth. This course will explore the ecology of making disciples in the 21st century and will help students examine the biblical/theological rationale for the enterprise of making disciples. Special emphasis will be given to the importance of the congregational ministry of making disciples, Christian practices, and spirituality. This course will be taught in an intensive retreat format in conjunction with the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville, Tenn., November 21-24, 2013. Students will be required to complete reading assignments prior to and following the conference, connect with online materials, participate in workshop and plenary sessions at the conference, and attend the intensive retreat. A final project will be due within two weeks of retreat completion.